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flexible solar park together.

Get more out of your turbine

We are all faced with a considerable challenge: the energy transition and achieving the climate objectives. Also in the wind sector. For further sustainability, we need to be more creative, smarter and more economical with our nature and available spaces.

Why Turbinezon

The not ground-bound concept is one of the solutions for the limited use of solar panels. Emove and the Windunie have joined forces to enable the great potential of dual use of the infrastructure of wind turbines. The Turbinezon joint venture is accelerating this initiative in order to make a contribution to the climate objectives and energy needs. Due to the technical knowledge of The-Emove B.V. and the management and development expertise of Windunie Groep B.V. As a wind turbine owner, you can be fully unburdened. Our team would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

Turbinezon’s proposition is to realize adequate solar fields without hassle, so we help with all facets of realization such as:

  • E-move’s
  • Connection to the windmill
  • License
  • Subsidy
  • Financing
  • Management

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Benefits of windmills

On some grounds, such as above a gas pipeline, under a high-voltage pylon or on a windmill crane hardstand, the ground must occasionally be clear. This condition makes it impossible to use the soil for solar energy. Until now, because with the movable Emove this is possible.

  • The combination of wind and solar energy, because: no wind, still energy. Fully sustainable use of ground and grid capacity.
  • Therefore also: cost allocation of wind and solar energy, such as ground lease, property tax, grid connection, security, insurance, operation and maintenance.
  • Movable: the grounds around windturbines, such as the crane site, are unused grounds that must be available sporadically in the event of maintenance and calamities.
  • Efficiency: placing Emove’ s on a crane hardstand quickly means 10% to 20% more efficiency per windturbine connection.

Filling unused grid capacity

  • Wind and sun are 97% complementary
  • When the wind is blowing, the sun often shines minimally (and vice versa)
  • Only 3% of the time joint overproduction at 2.5 times installed capacity.

Installed capacity per crane hardstand

Small Medium Large
Crane hardstand 1 Emove 600 m² 1.500 m² 3.000 m²
Qty Emove’s 1 Emove 6 Emove’s 15 Emove’s 30 Emove’s
Installed capacity wp 21.360 128.160 320.400 640.800
Kwh revenue per year 19.224 115.344 288.360 576.720

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