Make optimal use of the windmill’s existing infrastructure and generate additional green energy.

Turbinezon provides solar energy at ‘impossible’ places

Turbinezon uses the Emove as a movable solar field, uniquely developed for the integration of solar energy on (temporarily) unused and unsuitable sites. A greater advantage than is thought, because by not using unsuitable land, green energy and more yield are also left behind unnoticed.


Both the crane hardstand and the grid connection can be used optimally by means of the Emove. As a result, both extra green energy can be generated and extra returns can be achieved.


The not ground-bound concept in combination with the mobility makes rapid realization and flexibility possible.


We are happy to take the lead in the business case by offering a tailor-made total package.

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Completely unburdened.

Emove and the Windunie have joined forces to enable the great potential of dual use of the infrastructure of wind turbines. Turbinezon’s proposition is to realize adequate solar fields without hassle, so we help with all facets of realization.